PUMP-FLO® is one of the most common products provided by Engineered Software, Inc. Originally conceived in 1986, PUMP-FLO® was the world’s first centrifugal pump selection program. 

PUMP-FLO® is the industry’s leading pump selection software. Used by pump manufacturers, distributors and users world-wide, the PUMP-FLO® product line offers the advantages of commercially available software technology including a broad-based feature set, affordability, scalability, flexibility, integration options and technical support.

Over 150 pump manufacturers, 24,000 distributors, and 400,000 registered users across a full spectrum of industries and roles have benefited from integrating PUMP-FLO® technology into their daily business processes surrounding the marketing, sales, selection and procurement of pumps. Find out more of how you can take advantage of PUMP-FLO® technology for your business by selecting either Manufacturers or End Users + Design Firms.

"PUMP-FLO® is integral to our technology platforms and our business. The ease of use and integration with our systems is fantastic along with the entire staff's knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous service."

- Hydroflo Pumps   A Taco Family Company